About Us


 What we do:

We grow luxury flowers, locally and sustainably. Then, drawing inspiration from the nearby Moray Coastline and the Scottish Highlands beyond, we create bespoke floral art, bouquets and arrangements tailored to suit any event or occasion. Our flowers are available through our full floristry service or in wholesale bunches from the field. We also source the finest quality blooms from our suppliers in the UK and worldwide to bring your floral dreams to life, whatever floral style you're dreaming of.


Who we are:

The business name is a bit of a mouthful (we have noticed, honestly!) but we feel that - and we hope you will agree - that it describes us perfectly.

'Fairfield' is the name of our family house but broken down further 'Fair' + 'Field' are certainly what we aim for with our cutting garden - flowers grown in the field outside in a manner that is beautiful to look at while remaining kind to the countryside and wildlife surrounding us. You won't find any nasty pesticides or fertilizers here and sustainability is at the core of what we do - protecting and enhancing local biodiversity is important to us.

The 'Floralia' was a festival established in ancient Rome in honour of Flora, the fertility goddess associated with foliage, flowers and springtime. Lasting five days, the festival quickly became one of the most important events in the Roman calendar as flowers symbolized the cycle of life, birth, and death. It honored Flora and was a time of dancing, gathering of flowers and the wearing of colorful clothes. Although historically held in April and May, we are inspired by Flora and the Floralia festival all year round and feel that flowers are just as symbolically relevant to our modern society as they were to the people of the Roman empire. Today, we're still helping our customers mark the most important occassions in their lives with flowers thousands of years after the Floralia first began.

How to buy flowers:

You can buy our flowers in bouquets, arrangements or any other floral creation you can imagine (we once made a floating peacock from foliage and dried delphiniums) from our retail florist service. Shop here on the website or better still, call us up to order a bouquet, book a bridal consult or organise a fabulous floral display for your next event.

 We also have an increasing quantity of flowers /foliage available for local wholesale orders which can be in mixed buckets or single variety bunches priced per stem.


Get in touch:

No really, please do! We love to talk all things flowers so please don't hesitate to give us a call, send a message or drop us an email - whatever your flower needs are we would love to help. Call 07902858669 or email us at fairfieldandfloralia@gmail.com